The income of China's poverty relief population will increase rapidly in 2022


The reporter learned from the National Rural Revitalization Bureau recently that in 2022, the per capita net income of the poverty-stricken population will reach 14342 yuan, up 14.3% year on year, and the income of the poverty-stricken areas and the poverty-stricken population will grow rapidly. The person in charge of the National Rural Revitalization Bureau said that in 2022, the National Rural Revitalization Bureau insisted on taking increasing the income of the poverty-stricken population as the fundamental measure to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, focusing on employment and industry. In terms of employment, we will continue to organize and mobilize the poverty-stricken population to go out to work and promote local employment nearby, give full play to the role of labor cooperation between the east and the west, counterpart support, fixed-point assistance and provincial labor cooperation mechanism, support the development of employment assistance workshops, manage and make good use of public welfare posts, increase the efforts of work relief, strengthen employment assistance for returnees, and implement the "Rain and Dew Plan+" employment promotion action, We should take multiple measures to effectively deal with the impact of the epidemic and ensure that the scale of migrant employment of the poverty-stricken population is steadily rising. In terms of industry, we implemented the action to improve the characteristic industries in poverty-stricken areas. More than 55% of the subsidy funds from the central government to promote rural revitalization were used to support the development of industries, and the characteristic insurance coverage rate of leading industries reached 70%. We will improve the mechanism of supporting projects to link agriculture with agriculture, select industrial advisory groups, develop high-quality courtyard economy, and implement consumer assistance actions. In some poverty-stricken areas, the volume and price of agricultural products have risen at the same time. (Xinhua News Agency)

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