Summary: The participants of the World Economic Forum are full of confidence and expectation on the prospects of China's economic development


At the beginning of the new year, the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, known as the "wind vane of the world economy", was held offline in Davos, a small town in eastern Switzerland, from the 16th to the 20th. The World Economic Forum once again turned its attention to China. Participants were generally optimistic about the prospects and vitality of China's economic growth, and full of confidence and expectation that China would help global economic growth. This is the exterior view of the Davos Convention Center, which was shot in Davos, Switzerland, on January 16. In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, the Secretary-General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Hessem Gass, said that China's optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention policies is of great significance to the global economy and energy industry, and will also vigorously promote trade between China and other countries and regions in the world. "We are full of confidence in China's economy". The Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia, Bandar Khulayev, told Xinhua that China has always been "impressive" in responding to challenges. He expressed "very optimistic" about China's economic development prospects. China's market potential is huge, and he believed that China will provide more market opportunities for the world. Leslie Masdorp, the vice president of the BRICS New Development Bank, told reporters that China's economy would achieve strong growth in 2023, and the release of consumption vitality would have a "snowball effect" on the economy, which he had strong expectations. A few days ago, some foreign investment banks have raised China's economic growth forecast for 2023, while Dutch International Group and Goldman Sachs have raised their expectations to 5% and 5.2% respectively. A survey conducted by Bank of America for fund managers showed that the proportion of respondents who believed that China's economy would grow at a higher rate recently increased significantly. Axel Lehmann, chairman of Credit Suisse, also made a positive prediction on China's economic growth at the forum. He said that China's economy is basically sound and has great growth potential. This is the World Economic Forum logo shot in Davos, Switzerland, on January 15. Douglas Peterson, the global president and CEO of S&P, said at the forum that Asia's economy will see strong growth this year. With China's optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention policies, the consumption potential will be released, and China's economy will see strong growth this year, especially later this year. Some participants were also full of confidence and expectation on the huge potential of the Chinese market, and believed that once the production of Chinese enterprises returned to the pre-epidemic level, it would stimulate trade flow and restore the supply chain. Bob Moritz, global chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers, is very optimistic about the huge potential of the Chinese market. He told reporters that in view of China's strong consumption base, technological progress and its position as the largest exporter, he was optimistic about China's economic prospects. Mastaup said that as the world's second largest economy, China's growth will drive global growth, and "China's consumption recovery will have a positive impact on the global economy". He said that green industry, tourism and other industries are all high growth areas in China. For example, China is one of the largest investors in green energy, solar energy, wind energy and battery storage. The Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and the Director-General of the United Nations Global Compact, Sanda Ogabo, said that she was optimistic about China's economic growth this year and that China's role in promoting the achievement of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals was crucial. “

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