The National Working Conference on Housing and Urban-Rural Development pointed out that precise support for rigid and improved housing needs


On January 17, the National Conference on Housing and Urban-Rural Development was held. The meeting pointed out that more efforts should be made to accurately support the demand for rigid and improved housing. The meeting stressed that 2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress. The whole system should make a good start in stability and make great efforts to promote the high-quality development of housing and urban and rural construction, and focus on 12 aspects. To carry out the pilot project of complete community construction in cities, the meeting proposed to promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market with the main line of increasing confidence, preventing risks and promoting transformation. We will vigorously support the demand for rigid and improved housing and unswervingly adhere to the positioning that housing is for living, not for speculation. We will implement policies based on the city and accurately. We will promote the work of ensuring the delivery of buildings, people's livelihood and stability, resolve the risk of enterprise capital chain rupture, strive to improve the quality, build a good house, improve the order of the real estate market, and let the people buy and rent houses at ease. Focusing on the development of affordable rental housing, we will accelerate the solution of housing difficulties for new citizens, young people and other groups. We will vigorously increase the supply of affordable rental housing, solidly promote the transformation of shantytowns, and raise 3.6 million units (rooms) of affordable rental housing, public rental housing, and shantytowns for resettlement. Take the implementation of urban renewal action as the starting point, and strive to build a livable, resilient and smart city. We will carry out comprehensive urban physical examination in cities with districts. This year, we will carry out a pilot project for the construction of complete communities in cities. More than 53000 old urban communities will be renovated. In addition, the meeting proposed to deepen the urban management reform as the driving force to improve the scientific, refined and intelligent management level of cities. With the goal of improving modern living conditions, build beautiful villages and towns suitable for living and working. Take the industrialization, digitalization and greening of the construction industry as the direction to continuously improve the construction quality. Strengthen the protection and inheritance of urban and rural history and culture with highlighting regional characteristics, national characteristics and the style of the times as the core. Take the coordinated promotion of carbon reduction, pollution reduction and green expansion as the path to effectively promote the green and low-carbon development of urban and rural construction. The key is to improve the risk prevention and control mechanism, and firmly hold the safety bottom line in the field of urban and rural construction. With institutional innovation and scientific and technological innovation as the engine, stimulate the vitality of high-quality development of housing and urban and rural construction. We will continue to make contributions to the development of human settlements in the world by strengthening international exchanges and cooperation. Guided by the self-revolutionary spirit, we should comprehensively strengthen the Party's construction. There should be no new building handover risk meeting. It was emphasized that the real estate work should be integrated into the great chess game of the Party and the country, and the mission and task of the Party and the current central work should be anchored in the new era and new journey. First, stabilize expectations. We should firmly adhere to the positioning that houses are used for living, not for speculation, enhance the accuracy and coordination of policies, accurately support rigid and improved housing demand with greater efforts, enhance market confidence, strive to maintain a basic balance between supply and demand, basically reasonable structure, and basically stable prices, coordinate with economic and social development, coordinate with the development of the housing industry, and strictly control speculation. The second is to prevent risks. We should "focus on the two ends and take the middle", and prevent and defuse risks in a "slow release" way. "One end" to seize the risk of the real estate enterprise, on the one hand to help the enterprise save itself, on the other hand, to deal with it according to the law and regulations, and the bankruptcy

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