On the new journey, we are facing new situations and challenges. What is the "unique problem of the big party"? He pointed out six "unique problems that must be solved by our big party": how to always remember our original intention and mission; ——How to unify thought, will and action all the time; ——How to always have strong governance ability and leadership level; ——How to always maintain the entrepreneurial spirit of stewardship; ——How to always find and solve their own problems in time; ——How to maintain a clean and positive political environment. He pointed out that this system "should be a dynamic system with rich content, complete functions, scientific norms and efficient operation". In the ten years of the new era, our Party has constantly deepened its understanding of the law of self-revolution, constantly promoted theoretical innovation, practical innovation and institutional innovation in Party building, and initially established a comprehensive and strict Party governance system. On the new journey, how to further improve the comprehensive and strict party governance system? He used three

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