The taste of Xiaohan to Nian is strong


The old age is getting old, and the winter is getting deeper. In the Collection Interpretation of the Seventy Two Days of the Lunar Calendar, Xiao Han is explained as follows: "Xiao Han, the December Festival. The cold at the beginning of the month is still small, so it is cloudy; the half of the month is big." "December" refers to the lunar month at the end of the lunar year: the beginning of the lunar month ushers in a small cold, and the half of the lunar month ushers in a big cold. As the old saying goes, "The cold air stays cold for a long time, and the small one is not extreme." As the name implies, the climate of the small cold is cold, but it is not extreme, so it is called "small". Climate observation data show that the temperature in most regions of China is the lowest in the whole year from small cold to big cold. At this time, the cold air activity is frequent, and the temperature drops significantly. It is freezing in the north and freezing in the south. A series of folk proverbs, such as "walking on the ice", "a little cold and a big cold", "walking on the street, money is lost", are used to describe the cold in this season. Xiang Baisong, a professor of Central South University for Nationalities, told the reporter of China Consumer News that the 24 solar terms have a quasi holiday nature, which has derived rich customs. In Xiaohan, the flavor of the Spring Festival is getting stronger and stronger. People are busy writing couplets, cutting window decorations, and going to the market to buy New Year pictures, lanterns, firecrackers, incense, etc. to prepare for the Spring Festival. In the Lunar New Year, every household starts to buy New Year's products. The pickled products are ready for the New Year. The taste of New Year is getting stronger and stronger. The reporter saw in the Zhongbai Warehouse Supermarket and other supermarkets in Wuchang District, Wuhan that many shopping malls and supermarkets have set up special New Year goods counters to provide convenient services for citizens preparing New Year goods. The cured meat is prepared for the winter curing, and stored to keep out the cold. Xiaohan, who was in the period of "March 9", is a good time to pickle Chinese bacon. Many old Wuhan people are very keen on curing. Walking in the alleys of Wuhan, as long as the sun rises, the balconies of many old residential areas will be covered with all kinds of sausage, bacon, cured fish, cured chicken, cured duck and other cured meat. Balconies hung with wax goods, old buildings with black bricks and red tiles, and tall buildings around them constitute a unique picture. In Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Hubei Province and Xiangxi area of Hunan Province, the authentic smoked bacon is famous far and near. In the month of December, every family will slaughter winter pigs to make bacon, which will be hung in their own doorways or yards to add a touch of fireworks to the green mountains and beautiful waters. Tujia people are very particular about the place where bacon is smoked - a one meter square of land is enclosed in the house and stones are erected, which is called "fire pond". Most people use chestnut branches as fuel, and use cold smoke to slowly smoke cured meat sticks for three months. The cured meat made through one process after another has a bright red color and a strong salty smell. Preserved meat is not easy to make, and Hunan people are even more unambiguous when eating it. For example, the representative dish of Hunan cuisine, the combination of cured pork, cured chicken, sausage and other kinds of cured meat, is steamed in a pot. This dish has a strong aroma of cured meat, and tastes salty and sweet. It is truly a "divine tool" for cooking. Hubei, which is close to Hunan in its taste of eating wax and is separated by a lake, is rich in fish, and the wax flavor is naturally accompanied by fish. When people make cured fish, they mainly use carp, herring, whitefish, grass carp and other economic fish represented by Dongting Lake and Honghu Lake. According to the size and cutting method of the fish, they can be divided into cured fish, cured skin fish and cured swordfish. It gives the cured fish a unique flavor

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