The special additional deduction of individual income tax is confirmed! Newly added "Care for infants under 3 years old" project


(The picture is a screenshot of the personal income tax APP) According to the personal income tax APP, the special additional deduction in 2023 has been confirmed. Taxpayers can handle it through the personal income tax APP and the website of the natural person electronic tax bureau. At present, there are 7 special additional deductions for individual income tax, including children's education, supporting the elderly, housing rent, housing loan interest, continuing education, serious illness medical treatment, and the new "care for infants and children under the age of 3" project in March this year. On March 28, the State Council issued the Notice on the Establishment of Special Additional Deduction of Individual Income Tax for the Care of Infants and Children under the Age of 3, specifying that from January 1, 2022, the relevant expenses of taxpayers for the care of children and children under the age of 3 will be deducted according to the standard quota of 1000 yuan per month for each infant. Parents can choose to deduct 100% of the deduction standard by one party, that is, 1000 yuan per month for one person, or 50% of the deduction standard by both parties, that is, 500 yuan per month for one person. When confirming the special additional deduction in 2023, if the deduction content does not change from the previous year, the taxpayer can select the "one click to bring in" function for quick processing. If the deduction content changes, it needs to be filled in again. In addition, the function of "Personal Pension Deduction Information Management" has been added to the handling of individual income tax this year. Taxpayers can fill in the column "I want to handle tax" separately. Taxpayers can scan the QR code on the individual pension payment voucher, import the individual pension deduction information after confirming the information, and make pre tax deduction at the stage of individual tax withholding or final settlement. (Liu Xinshe)

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