For the People's Happy Life - A Practical and Theoretical Exploration of Contemporary China's Human Rights Outlook


On the 5th, the China Foundation for Human Rights Development and the National High end Think Tank of Xinhua News Agency jointly released a Chinese and English think tank report "For the People's Happy Life - A Practical and Theoretical Exploration of Contemporary China's Human Rights Outlook". Focusing on China's contemporary human rights view, the think tank report is divided into three parts to deeply interpret the theoretical logic, historical logic and practical logic of China's human rights path, and deeply explain the great significance of China's protection and development of human rights practice in promoting global human rights governance and promoting the comprehensive development of human rights cause. From the completion of the goal of poverty alleviation and the realization of a well-off society in an all-round way to the effective protection of the economic, social and cultural rights of the Chinese people, focusing on the "practical basis" of contemporary Chinese human rights views, the report points out that China's protection of human rights is not only verbal, but also practical. According to the report, the CPC is an active promoter and staunch defender of the cause of human rights. It has continuously formulated and implemented the national human rights action plan and other special plans or plans to ensure development and promote human rights through development. It has achieved progressive progress from poverty to food and clothing, from overall well-being to comprehensive well-being, and has launched the high-level goal of common prosperity. It is committed to making nearly one fifth of the world's people live a happy and dignified life. "The people's happy life is the greatest human right", which is a highly condensed view of human rights in contemporary China. The report makes a systematic summary from the theoretical dimension, and proposes that adhering to the people as the center is the core concept of contemporary Chinese human rights outlook, adhering to the people as the masters of the country is the democratic essence of contemporary Chinese human rights outlook, and adhering to the people's livelihood as the basis for human rights development is the livelihood pursuit of contemporary Chinese human rights outlook. At the same time, the report refines the epistemology, practice theory and dialectics of contemporary Chinese human rights view, that is, to insist that human rights are historical, specific and realistic, to insist on promoting human rights through development, and to insist on the organic unity of individual human rights and collective human rights; We will promote the free and comprehensive development of human beings, safeguard social fairness and justice, and the people's sense of happiness and security as the goal orientation, rule of law path, and evaluation criteria of contemporary China's view of human rights. According to the report, China's new ideas, new measures and new practices in respect of respect and protection of human rights not only add new color to the world's human rights cause and human civilization, but also provide useful lessons for countries, especially developing countries. The report summarized China's experience in human rights protection into five aspects: strong leadership, based on reality, driven by development, guaranteed by the rule of law, and mutual learning and inclusiveness. It advocated strengthening exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, solving the global human rights "governance deficit", promoting the formation of a more equitable, just, reasonable, and inclusive global human rights governance system, and jointly building a community with a shared future for mankind. (Liu Xinshe)

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