In a case | Is it illegal to ask for high price bride price?


Case Xiaotang and Xiaozhong have been in love for more than two years and are ready to talk about marriage. When Xiao Zhong's parents saw that Xiao Tang's family was excellent, they put forward 888000 yuan of bride price to Xiao Tang. Xiao Tang was very angry and was about to break up with Xiao Zhong on the spot. Is it illegal to ask for high price bride price? It is illegal to say by case. Article 1042 of the Civil Code stipulates that arranged marriages, commercial marriages and other acts that interfere with the freedom of marriage are prohibited. It is prohibited to ask for property through marriage. In addition, Article 5 of the Interpretation of the Supreme People's Court on the Application of the Marriage and Family Code of the Civil Code of the People's Republic of China (I) makes it clear that if a party requests to return the bride price paid according to custom, the people's court should support it if it is found that: (I) Both parties have not gone through marriage registration procedures; (2) Both parties have gone through marriage registration procedures but have not lived together; (3) Prenuptial payment leads to difficulties for the payer. The application of the provisions of Items 2 and 3 of the preceding paragraph shall be conditional on the divorce of both parties. (Liu Xinshe)

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