Price detection in the market before the festival: stable grain and oil prices, falling vegetable and egg prices


With the National Day approaching, it is the peak consumption season. Is there sufficient market supply? How about the price of vegetables, meat and eggs? What measures have been taken to stabilize prices? Our reporter recently visited farmers' supermarkets in some cities. The prices of vegetables and eggs were generally stable at 7:00 a.m. on September 26, and the Huadalong Xinlinghai Market in Shantou, Guangdong Province was already crowded. This is a large local food market, which gathers all kinds of vegetables, meat and meat products, eggs, local snacks and pasta. The sound of vendors' hawking and residents' inquiry is interwoven, and the atmosphere is full of fireworks. In front of Boss Li's egg stall, Aunt Zhang, who lives nearby, is hesitating: walking grass eggs 7.5 yuan/jin, Zhengda fresh eggs 7.9 yuan/jin, black bone chicken eggs 8 yuan/jin, ordinary eggs 6.5 yuan/jin... "There are too many kinds of eggs, I don't know which one to choose." Aunt Zhang said, "My old man usually goes out to buy vegetables. Today he went to help his son. The price of these eggs is not much different, but on the whole, it seems that the price has risen." Boss Li told reporters that the price of eggs has fluctuated greatly in the past month. On August 22, an egg (30 dozen eggs) was 226 yuan, and at the beginning of September it was 252 yuan. Now it is about stable at this price. "On the whole, the average price of all kinds of eggs fluctuates from 6.5 yuan to 8 yuan." Boss Li said, "The most expensive eggs in my family are black bone chicken eggs, which have high nutritional value; but the best selling eggs are those of the walking grass, which are in the middle price and delicious." With the recommendation of Boss Li, Aunt Zhang finally picked two and a half catties of groundbreaking eggs. "The National Day is coming, and my daughter is coming home. She likes to eat my steamed eggs best. I have to prepare them in advance." Aunt Zhang said. "With the approaching holiday, the prices of vegetables and eggs have risen slightly." Mr. Zhang from Shenzhen told reporters that he often goes to the vegetable wholesale market to buy vegetables, and the average price of vegetables is about 2 to 3 yuan. "The price of broccoli, green beans, etc. will be higher, 4 to 5 yuan per jin, and the street market near the residential area will be more expensive, about 20% to 30%." Mr. Zhang said, "In addition to the factors that the holidays are approaching, the main factor is the weather. More typhoons will blow, and the food price will double." Mr. Qiu of Shantou said, "The market vegetable prices change daily, with a floating range of about 1% to 3%." He told reporters that vegetable prices would suddenly increase significantly due to climate, season and harvest, which is also a short-term normal phenomenon. In Beijing Happy Glory Fresh Food Supermarket, the price of broccoli is 5.8 yuan/jin. "The most expensive one should be milk cucumber, 13.8 yuan per jin." Ms. Wang, the supermarket tallyman, told the reporter, "The rest of the vegetables that consumers often buy, such as canola, round lettuce, round eggplant, tomatoes, balsam pear, cucumbers, are all three to five yuan per kilogram. A few days ago, after the Mid Autumn Festival, the price of vegetables has dropped significantly. In the past week, the price of vegetables has risen slightly, but not significantly, less than one yuan per kilogram, which is relatively stable on the whole." According to the weekly market dynamics of Beijing Xinfadi Wholesale Market, the price of vegetables dropped significantly from September 10 to September 17. Liu Tong, the head of Xinfadi Statistics Department, analyzed that on the one hand, the price was too high in the early stage, which reserved a large space for the decline of vegetable prices

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