General Supply and Marketing Cooperatives: Make every effort to serve the harvest of autumn grain and provide agricultural materials for autumn and winter planting


On the 28th, the reporter learned from the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives that the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives issued a notice requiring the national supply and marketing cooperatives system to fully serve the harvest of autumn grain, effectively supply agricultural materials during autumn and winter planting, and strengthen food security. According to the notice, the national supply and marketing cooperative system will organize the whole system of agricultural enterprises, grassroots cooperatives, agricultural service centers, crop hospitals, and agricultural service companies to provide farmers, large growers, and farmers' professional cooperatives with a full process series of autumn harvest services based on the actual needs of the "three autumn" production in various regions. The relevant person in charge of the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperation said that planting in autumn and winter is the beginning of grain and oil production in the coming year. It is of special significance to effectively provide agricultural means of supply during planting in autumn and winter for consolidating the foundation of agricultural production next year. Influenced by multiple factors, the price of fertilizer is still at a relatively high level in recent years. The notice requires supply and marketing cooperatives at all levels to effectively play the role of the main channel of agricultural means of circulation, and ensure that they can provide well at the critical moment. Strengthen the emergency distribution capacity of agricultural materials, accelerate the construction of an effective command and dispatching system for emergency supply of agricultural materials, effectively improve the emergency supply capacity of agricultural materials throughout the system, and cooperate with relevant departments to ensure that the green channel of agricultural materials is unblocked during autumn and winter planting. (Liu Xinshe)

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