Ministry of National Defense: The People's Navy Enters the "Three Aircraft Carriers Era"


On the afternoon of September 29, the Ministry of National Defense held a regular press conference. Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, Deputy Director of the Information Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense and spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, answered questions from reporters. Reporter: Recently, the relevant media reported on the construction of the Chinese navy's aircraft carrier in the past 10 years since the first aircraft carrier Liaoning was listed. Please give a further introduction. Tan Kefei: Since Liaoning Ship was listed 10 years ago, the construction of aircraft carriers of the People's Navy has achieved a leap from scratch, from refitting to domestic production, and entered the "era of three aircraft carriers". In the past decade, the Navy has closely focused on its missions and tasks, actively explored the use of aircraft carrier formation forces, regularly organized training for the generation of combat capabilities, deepened and expanded the research and training of practical combat deployment at sea, resolutely defended national sovereignty, security and development interests, and resolutely maintained world peace and development. Ten year journey, riding the wind and waves. China's aircraft carriers will continue to help the People's Navy pursue its dream. (Liu Xinshe)

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