Deepening the reform of national defense and the military: a key move to determine the future of the military


A key move to determine the future of the military - on deepening the reform of national defense and the military 36. Why should we build a modern military force system with elite combat forces as the main body? On July 30, 2017, at the military parade celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the army aviation, known as the "air assault echelon", was the first to receive a review in a fighting posture. 10 armed helicopters took the lead in opening up air channels, carrying out reconnaissance and early warning, and suppressing firepower. Eight armed helicopters escorted 18 transport helicopters, carrying elite forces, and rushed into the operational area for landing, just like "divine soldiers landing from heaven". This is the first appearance of the newly established Army Air Assault Brigade, which shows the achievements of our army in building a modern military force system from one side. President Xi pointed out that we should promote the accelerated development and integrated development of the construction of new combat forces, increase efforts to "replace birds with cages", and strive to build a modern military force system with elite combat forces as the main body. The strength of an army depends not only on its size but also on its quality. The military equipment, the number and quality of personnel and the combat effectiveness of the military are organically linked and can complement and transform each other. Generally speaking, in order to improve combat effectiveness, the advantage in quality can make up for the shortage in quantity, while the advantage in quantity can only relatively make up for the defect in quality. With the evolution of war patterns, it is increasingly difficult to improve combat effectiveness by supplementing quality with quantity. Especially in the information age, a large number of modern science and technology are widely used in the military field, providing more and more means to improve the quality of the military. The quality factor has jumped to the dominant position in the building of combat effectiveness and has begun to play a decisive role. Reducing the size and improving the quality of the military is the basic trend of the military construction of major military powers since the end of the Second World War. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the PLA has carried out 11 disarmament missions, with the total number of posts reduced from more than 6 million at the peak to 2 million at present. The era of "Han Xin's more troops are better" and the heavy military group wins by quantity has passed. Practice has proved that a strong military is not simply based on the number and size. By appropriately reducing the number of military members, further optimizing the structure and improving the functions, it will not reduce combat effectiveness, but can significantly improve combat effectiveness. Just like a person, if you remove fat and increase muscle, your body will become stronger. Modern war requires us to fight the elite first and mainly. The time-space characteristics and winning mechanism of modern war have changed significantly. The characteristics of using elite forces to carry out precision operations have become more prominent. It has become an important combat mode to carry out medium and long range precision attacks on full depth targets outside the defense area. The new combat force is an important part of the elite combat force of the army, representing the development trend of military technology and combat methods, and is a new growth point of combat effectiveness and the commanding height of the future battlefield. In recent years, major countries in the world have adjusted their military organizational forms, taking the development of new types of combat forces as an important support to lead the construction of the force system of the military, adjusting and optimizing the military force system and seeking new military breakthroughs through the establishment of air and space forces, network forces, unmanned combat forces, etc. The development of new combat forces should not be delayed. We must not wait passively. We must actively cultivate them, otherwise we will be wrong

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