Industrial Internet Engineer: Plug in the Digital Wing for the Upgrading of Manufacturing Industry


Industrial Internet engineers are the "enablers" to enable industrial enterprises to "connect" their equipment, "see clearly" their production processes, and "prevent accurately" their security management. Statistics show that the demand for industrial Internet talents in China will triple in three years from 2019 to 2021, and the total demand is expected to reach 2.355 million in 2023. In the past three months, Yonyou network technical engineer Li Jiajin has turned over more than a dozen enterprises in Henan, Shanxi, Fujian and other provinces. He stationed in the production workshop, worked with the enterprise technical administrator and front-line workers, and felt the doubts and difficulties in the enterprise's "cloud" process. "What is the expansion of industrial app application scenarios?" "Can the sensing equipment collect the safety production data to meet the needs?"—— With the needs of the enterprise, Li Jiajin is busy upgrading the safety production management app on the Yonyou Jingzhi Industrial Internet platform. "Every half month or one month, we will iteratively develop new applications and new products. The traditional industries such as chemical industry, metallurgy and energy have an urgent need for intelligent control platforms for safe production." Li Jiajin told reporters that in recent years, he clearly felt that the pace of digital transformation of traditional industries was accelerating. ——The demand for talents has tripled in three years to open up the information flow in all aspects of manufacturing activities such as product design, production and management. The industrial Internet is a strong support for the digital transformation of traditional industries. Three years ago, in the face of the rapidly growing industrial Internet market demand, Li Jiajin turned from software development in the manufacturing industry to the R & D and design of the industrial Internet + intelligent production safety control platform and architecture, becoming a "industrial Internet Engineering Technician". Li Jiajin's work includes network architecture application design, intelligent perception layer development and hardware integration, so that through an industrial Internet and an upper intelligent application connecting tens of thousands of terminals, the equipment of industrial enterprises can be "connected", the production process can be "seen clearly", and the security management can be "prevented accurately". Today, Li Jiajin's words of "connected", "visible" and "accurate" have been realized in hundreds of factories such as Minyuan Iron and Steel, New Steel Union, and New Industrial Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd.: staff hold detectors, open industrial App scanning and recording, and the data of equipment safety inspection is automatically uploaded to the background cloud in real time; The key equipment operates on the "cloud". The intelligent sensor combines AI algorithm to monitor the temperature anomaly, liquid leakage, etc. in real time and give an alarm in time. The staff can have a clear view of the safety production situation of the whole plant through an electronic screen. "While reducing costs and increasing efficiency for enterprises, the Industrial Internet also enables enterprises to change their work safety from post emergency to pre emergency prevention, and has the ability to prevent and control the overall situation." Li Jiajin said that his next step is to provide more lightweight design of industrial apps, and integrate intelligent algorithms, AIoT and other technologies into more scenarios to make the products more useful. In recent years, the number of industrial Internet practitioners such as Li Jiajin has grown rapidly. The Talent Demand Forecast for Industrial Internet Industry (2021) released by China Industrial Internet Research Institute shows that the demand for industrial Internet talents has maintained rapid growth for three consecutive years, 2019

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