The large-scale TV documentary "Forging a Hero to Revival" received a warm response in the whole army. The officers and soldiers said that they would faithfully fulfill their mission and strive to strengthen the army


The large-scale TV documentary Forging a Hero to Rejuvenate received a warm response in the whole army. The officers and soldiers said that they would faithfully fulfill their mission and strive to build a strong army. On the occasion of welcoming the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, eight episodes of the large-scale TV documentary Forging a Hero to Rejuvenate has been broadcast on the comprehensive channel of CCTV since September 25. At present, four episodes have been broadcast. In recent days, this documentary has received a warm response from the whole army. The majority of officers and soldiers said that the wonderful content presented in the documentary has inspired and excited everyone. We must further focus on training and preparing for the war, base ourselves on our own posts, hone our skills, resolutely fulfill the mission of the new era, and make new contributions to the grand event. The film closely revolves around President Xi Jinping's major thought and practice of piloting the cause of building a strong military in a new era, comprehensively reflects the historical achievements and changes in national defense and military construction since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and fully demonstrates the high spirited style of the whole army's officers and men maintaining the core, listening to the Party's command, going forward and continuing to struggle. The officers and soldiers of all military units watched the documentary through various channels. Mountains and rivers are evidence, and time is a lesson. Looking back at the classic moments, the documentary shows the magnificent picture of a strong military in the past decade to the audience, which makes people excited. Tang Wuxiang, the first level sergeant commander of a strategic support force in a national defense project construction mission, said: "In the past ten years, I have witnessed the iterative updating of military equipment. As the film said," To turn dreams into goals, put goals into plans, turn plans into reality, and promote each step of building a strong country and a strong military is to look up to the stars, be down-to-earth, and be determined. "In the future tasks, I will continue to give play to my technical advantages, tap equipment potential, and ensure the successful completion of the task." Liu Guiwei, the first sergeant chief of a brigade of the Rocket Force, has experienced three equipment changes. He said: "The rapid development of the cause of building a strong military provides a stage for me to realize my personal ambitions. Looking ahead, the new" three-step "strategy of national defense and military modernization makes us more hopeful." The People's Army was founded by the Party, and the People's Army is loyal to the Party. Adhering to the principle that the Party commands guns and builds its own people's army is an irrefutable truth that the Party has drawn from the struggle between blood and fire. The documentary shows the bold loyalty of the people's army to advance under the banner of the Party, which makes the officers and soldiers feel the same and resonate with each other. In the film, Li Yannian, the first level hero of the volunteer army, said that he was receiving the "Republic Medal" for his fallen comrades. This scene left a deep impression on Hu Cungang, the instructor of the transportation company of a brigade of the army in the western theater: "I thought of the battle hero Niu Xianmin of our brigade. He also often said that he only wore military medals on behalf of his fallen comrades. With his encouragement, his daughter joined the army. Their stories are vivid teaching materials for raising flags and casting souls. We should tell such stories to officers and soldiers more often." Li Bin, the instructor of a certain department in the southern theater of war, said, "The officers and soldiers really learn the Party's innovation theory

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