The most important thing is that the fragrance of books can lead to the future


Ten years of hard study, when the current golden list. Entering the university gate means that another important journey of life is about to start. Go to the future with books. On April 23, 2022, the first National Reading Conference was held in Beijing with the theme of "Reading in a New Era, Striving for a New Journey". Zhu Yongxin, the spokesman of the national reading image, said: "The history of a person's spiritual development is his reading history." For every individual in the society, reading runs through the whole process of his life. If we say that most of the students' reading in the middle school stage is passive, utilitarian and practical, the reading in the college stage that is about to start should be active, comprehensive and profound. Reading is the best choice for shaping a new self in college life. When a new life opens, college students may wish to start with the following reading methods. First, you can choose a classic. There are many interpretations of classics at all times and in all countries. Professor Wang Yuguang of Peking University said: "Classics we often refer to those influential and enduring works whose content is generally accepted by the public or exemplary and authoritative in a certain professional field." Argentinian writer Borges believes that the so-called classic works refer to a book that a country or several countries decide to read for a long time. It seems that in the pages of this book, everything is deliberate, determined, and profound, just like the universe, and everything can lead to endless explanations. Based on the enduring exemplary and authoritative quality of classics, reading classics can not only enrich knowledge, but also improve the realm. It should be a must for college students to cultivate their quality and forge their personality. Secondly, you can choose a biography of celebrities. Professor Xu Yan, a famous reading promotion expert and professor of Nanjing University, believes that biographies are a mirror of a person's life in different periods of life, with the ability to learn from others and learn from them, as well as the potential reading therapy function. The true spiritual track of the biographers plays an important role in enlightening life. Especially in the prime of life, it is necessary to read more biographies of Chinese and foreign people, to put yourself in the difficult position of career, cause and ambition, let yourself be down-to-earth in people, life and work, and make your skills practical, good and powerful. College students who have entered the university can choose their own professional biographies for targeted reading, learn from the life experience of the professional celebrities, help themselves to become familiar with professional learning as soon as possible, and encourage themselves to establish lofty professional ideals. Madame Curie for chemistry, Biography of Xu Beihong for art, Commentary on Lu Xun for Chinese and Biography of Liang Sicheng for architecture are all very good choices. Of course, with the development of disciplines,

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