IOC Announces New Visual Identification System


On the 28th, the International Olympic Committee announced its four year old brand new visual identification system, introducing modern elements into the Olympic symbol with a history of more than 100 years. As we all know, the core symbol of the Olympic Movement is the five rings. The blue, black, red, yellow and green ring marks were created by Mr. Baron de Coubertin in 1913. With the growing influence of the Olympic Games in the world, the symbol of the Olympic Games also needs continuous innovation. Therefore, the IOC has put forward this idea since 2018, bringing together a group of artists and experts to complete this visual identification system under the guidance of a Canadian design company. The main contents of this system include three sets of specially customized fonts, 17 cartoon illustrations, some graphic modeling and how to use these elements. These abstract elements will play a guiding role more than specifically designing the appearance of the finished product. In fact, before the introduction of this system, the IOC official website and clients have begun to fully use the shapes and patterns of abstract elements, greatly increasing the visibility and richness of the Olympic logo. May Grave, Director of the IOC Brand Management Department, said, "On the basis of the original colors, the innovative system places the Olympic brand identity on a more vivid palette, with exquisite pictures and fine cut print. The new system is like a lever, combining brand value and passion." The new visual recognition system is expected to be fully completed by the 2024 Paris Olympic Games and displayed to sports fans around the world. In the future, this system will also add a number of pixel elements, a new set of signs, and more illustrations will be introduced. The design and launch of various promotional materials, logos, emblems, emblems, digital products, etc. of the International Olympic Movement will be completed according to the new system template. (Liu Xinshe)

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