President Xi replied to the teachers and students of "China corner" of Malta middle school


I hope the "China corner" will become better and better. Teachers and students are welcome to come to China for exchange and study. We live in a world where history and reality are intertwined, where hopes and challenges coexist. Mankind shares a common destiny. Only through mutual help and win-win cooperation can mankind share the fruits of development. In order to solve global development problems and meet international security challenges, China has put forward the "the Belt and Road" initiative, the global development initiative and the global security initiative. We have gathered consensus and strength to practice the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind with practical actions. It is hoped that more Maltese teachers, students and young people will actively participate in people to people and cultural exchanges between China and Malta, and become promoters of mutual learning of civilizations and inheritors of people to people friendship. St. Margaret's high school is a comprehensive public school in Malta. In 2010, with the support of China, the "China corner" was established. (news agency)

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