In July, the total sales volume of 8 leading real estate enterprises decreased by 24.78% month on month, and the credit of real estate enterprises became the focus of buyers


On August 8, poly development disclosed the sales briefing in July 2022. During the reporting period, the company achieved a contract amount of 33.001 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 21.72% and a month on month decrease of 35.3%. Up to now, eight leading real estate enterprises have successively released sales briefings or unaudited operating data in July 2022. According to incomplete statistics by the reporter of Securities Daily, their total sales reached 146.731 billion yuan, a month on month decrease of 24.78%. In view of this, the reporter of Securities Daily took the real estate in the first tier cities among the above-mentioned eight leading real estate enterprises as a sample. After the interview, it was found that the visiting customers are very sensitive to the credit and financial risks such as whether the developer of the new residential housing is a leading real estate enterprise and whether there is a debt default, and the attention is very high. Almost every visiting customer will mention this issue. Relatively speaking, among the new housing competitive products in the same area, the projects under the high credit rating real estate enterprises have faster sales collection, and they sell better than other developers with potential financial risks. The confidence in the property market has yet to be restored. In July 2022, except Xuhui holdings, the sales data of the other seven leading real estate enterprises all declined to varying degrees. Specifically, poly development ranked first with a total sales volume of 33.001 billion yuan. There were 2 companies with a sales scale of more than 30 billion yuan, 4 companies with a sales scale of 10 billion yuan to 30 billion yuan, and 2 companies with a sales scale of less than 10 billion yuan; Country garden ranked second with 30.11 billion yuan, exceeding the third with 7 billion yuan. In terms of the month on month change of sales volume, Xuhui Holdings' sales volume increased by 19.26% month on month. Among the other seven companies, there was one with a month on month decline of more than 50%, three with a decline of 30% to 40%, and three with a decline of 10% to 30%. Poly development, Jindi group and other real estate enterprises led the decline. "Some of the demand accumulated due to the impact of the epidemic was released in June, leading to a rapid recovery of trading volume in June." Song Hongwei, research director of Tongce Research Institute, said in an interview with the reporter of Securities Daily that in July, the sales volume of some real estate enterprises dropped under the condition of a high base. However, the more important reason is that the confidence of the real estate market has not yet been restored, the buyers are in a strong wait-and-see mood, and the purchasing power is insufficient due to the uncertainty of delivery. However, this does not mean that the demand has disappeared, so relatively speaking, from the overall market performance, some leading real estate enterprises with high credit still have certain competitiveness. In this regard, Liu Shui, the research director of the enterprise business department of China Index Research Institute, told the Securities Daily that from the perspective of short-term market performance, since the beginning of this year, many places have successively launched new policies on the property market, and the favorable policies have been continuously released. However, it still takes time for the policy implementation effect to appear, and it cannot be quickly reflected on the sales side in the short term; In addition, affected by adverse factors such as repeated epidemics, the demand side expectation is weak, resulting in the property market transaction is still relatively low. "From the data, the current national real estate market is still in the stage of deep adjustment. However, with the continuous optimization of policies in hot cities and the continuous enhancement of policy optimization, the policy effect in some cities has begun to show, the expectation of home buyers has improved, and the market activity is slightly

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