Watch out for electric bicycles "getting angry" after summer


Summer is hot and dry, and the number of electric bicycle fire accidents is also on the rise, which has been exposed in many places across the country. In recent years, electric bicycles have become a common means of transportation for many citizens. However, their hidden dangers of fire safety are often ignored. Lengguofeng, a salesperson of the municipal fire rescue corps and electric bicycles, introduced the fire safety problems of electric bicycles that cannot be ignored to the public. Main causes of electric bicycle fire Overcharge: for the next day's use, the owner charges the electric bicycle all night after returning home, resulting in overcharge and overheating of the battery. Random refitting: when the electric bicycle breaks down, it is disassembled and repaired without authorization, and some car owners refit it with sound and lighting, resulting in line load. Circuit aging: the electric bicycle has been used for a long time, and the connecting line in the car is easy to age and loosen, resulting in leakage, poor contact or short circuit. Improper use of charger: some families buy more than one electric bicycle, and mixed charging equipment of different brands of electric bicycles will also damage the battery. High temperature and humidity: when electric bicycles are wading and the motor is flooded, it is easy to cause short circuit and fire. At the same time, the temperature is high in summer, and there is also a risk of fire when charging outdoors in high temperature or rainy days. How to prevent electric bicycle fire Fires caused by electric bicycles often occur when charging at night. Many car owners take the battery home after work, and charge it overnight if they are not satisfied with the charge. In the early morning and dawn, people are often asleep. If there is a fire due to overcharging, it is difficult to find it in time, or even have time to escape. Citizens should not park their electric bicycles in closed spaces such as elevators, corridors, and rooms on a daily basis. In case of a fire, a large amount of toxic smoke will be generated, blocking the escape routes of personnel, and thus causing casualties. Charging facilities should be used correctly in open areas and away from combustibles. It is forbidden to charge for a long time. Try to use the original charger for charging, and charge according to the instructions of the electric bicycle. It is forbidden to charge flying wires. Exposed and leaking wires are easy to age after exposure to the sun and rain, and should be replaced in time. It is forbidden to refit the power supply of electric bicycles blindly, which is easy to cause overload, short circuit and other faults of vehicle electrical circuits, and cause fire. In this way, the electric bicycle can be used correctly Generally, the charging can be completed within 8 to 10 hours. The car mainly pays attention to the charging of the electric bicycle at any time, and disconnects the power supply in time after charging. Never charge indoors. When charging outdoors, carefully check the inflammables stacked nearby to prevent fire. Electric bicycles also have a service life, usually three to four years. Citizens can also check the safe use time of electric bicycles according to the vehicle instructions. If they are used beyond the time limit, electrical circuits and batteries will age and fail. In daily use, the lines and electrical components of electric vehicles should be checked at least once a year to prevent contact points from sparking due to poor contact, and to avoid short circuits and cross currents caused by aging and wear of lines. The charging environment needs to be ventilated. When charging, avoid exposing the vehicle to the sun, rain, etc., and avoid flying wire charging. Do not use a non original charger to charge. If the battery is damaged, it must be equipped with the same battery. Do not change the brand and model at will. When purchasing electric vehicles, you should choose merchants with complete licenses and good market reputation, buy electric bicycles with certificates, CCC certification and implementation of the new national standard, and carefully check whether the parameters of relevant parts are consistent with those on the certificates, such as battery type, capacity, model, etc. Do not buy "three noes", non-standard, over standard, refitted or assembled electric bicycles, and do not buy electric bicycles that remove key components such as speed limiters and pedals, or increase battery power, refit chargers, lithium batteries and other accessories. (outlook new era)

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