Ancient trees in Shamian · witness of time (IV)


[History / details] The tree introduced today is banyan, which belongs to banyan with thin leaves. It is the second one from the West in Shamian park. According to the investigation, the tree was planted in 1838 and has a history of about 180 years. It is said that this tree was planted by a young man surnamed Liang, and the other two trees next to it were planted by two brothers of a young man surnamed Liang. At that time, the three brothers buried many valuable things under the tree in order to protect their family property from being consumed by their smoking addicted father. However, after Lin Zexu destructed opium at Humen, it was dug up and did not damage the roots. After that, the tree still grew healthily. [basic information] [location information] Address: the second plant in the west of Shamian Park of Cuizhou community residents committee, Shamian street, Liwan District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province Detailed location: the second plant in the west of Shamian Park [growth status] (outlook new era)

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