Forging a new era pioneer team -- a summary of the recruitment of Party members and the education and management of Party members since the 19th CPC National Congress


Party members are the cells of the party's body and the vanguard soldiers to achieve national rejuvenation. Party organizations at all levels insist on putting political standards in the first place, continue to develop and expand the ranks of Party members, continue to strengthen the education and management of Party members, and forge a stronger vanguard force for realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Continuously replenish fresh blood for the body of the party According to the latest party statistics of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, as of December 31, 2021, the total number of CPC members was 96.712 million. The strength and role of Marxist political parties depend not only on the number of Party members, but also on the quality of Party members. In accordance with the general requirements of controlling the total amount, optimizing the structure, improving quality and playing a role, all regions, departments and units highlight political standards, strictly enforce procedures and discipline, and ensure the quality of new party members. Maintain a moderate scale—— The continuous addition of fresh blood has made the party glow with new vitality and vigor. At the centenary of the founding of the party, in order to comply with the strong desire of advanced elements in all fields to actively apply for membership, 4.383 million new party members were recruited in 2021, an increase of 1.956 million over the previous year. Under the strong influence of the party, the group of applicants and activists for Party membership has further expanded, reaching 20.625 million and 10.091 million respectively by the end of 2021. Adhere to the regulation and control of the total number of Party members, and make appropriate adjustments to the annual plan for recruiting party members from the perspective of reality, so that the average annual growth rate of the number of Party members is maintained at an appropriate rate and the team of Party members is maintained at an appropriate scale. Batch after batch of new forces have integrated into the party, showing the prosperity and prosperity of the party's cause. Adjust and optimize the structure—— "Why can the Centennial party? One of the most fundamental experiences is to cultivate successors needed for the red cause generation after generation. This is the concrete embodiment of our party's Maintaining Progressiveness and purity, and the secret of our party's eternal youth." Said xueweijiang, deputy secretary of the general Party branch and researcher of the Marxism College of the Central Party School (National Academy of administration). Focus on the long-term development of the cause of the party and the country, and constantly attract outstanding talents to gather around the party. The Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee has guided and urged Party organizations at all levels to do a good job in recruiting party members from industrial workers, young farmers, high-knowledge groups and non-public economic organizations and social organizations, and has continued to strengthen the recruitment of Party members from key groups and weak areas by means of plan preference, special promotion, and situation scheduling. We should promptly recruit scientists, academic backbones of philosophy and Social Sciences, artists, engineers, and advanced elements among entrepreneurs in high-tech industries into the party; Do a good job in recruiting party members among excellent migrant workers and labor dispatch workers; Promote and solve the problems of a few villages that have the conditions to recruit Party members but do not recruit Party members for a long time, and the blank teams of Party members in state-owned enterprises; …… In recent years, the number of Party members from the front lines of production, work and scientific research has been increasing, the number of Party members with college degree or above has increased significantly, the proportion of ethnic minority party members has been increasing, the distribution is more reasonable and the coverage is more extensive. Improve the quality of development—— Anyone who has not been or fails to pass the political review shall not be allowed to join the party; The Organization Department of the county (city, district) Party committee will record and review the close relatives of the township (street) cadres and the heads of the village (community) "two committees" who plan to join the party, and resolutely prevent the close relatives of rural grass-roots cadres from lowering the standard to join the party or giving priority to the development of the party... Hunan standardizes the work of recruiting party members and strictly controls the "entrance" of the party members. We will implement strict requirements in all links of the whole process of recruiting party members to ensure that new party members are politically qualified and of excellent quality. Strengthen the sense of responsibility and discipline of recruiting party members in grass-roots party organizations to strictly perform procedures and strictly control quality; Strengthen the construction of the team of grass-roots party workers, select the best and strong organizational members in the transition of township party committees, and provide an important guarantee for improving the quality of rural Party members "The development and expansion of the ranks of Party members is a microcosm of the development and expansion of the cause of the party and the people." Xue Weijiang believes that this shows that the party's charisma, cohesion and influence are more prominent, the party's progressiveness is more widely recognized among the people, and the majority of Party members' sense of sanctity, pride and mission are further enhanced. Continue to strengthen the party's innovative theoretical armed forces in the new era If you want to do something, you must do it with your heart. Strengthening ideological education and theoretical arming is the primary task of Inner-Party Political Life and the premise to ensure the unity of the whole party. Carry out intensive study and education within the party—— From the theme education of "not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission firmly in mind" to the study and education of party history, the majority of Party members have experienced ideological refining and soul baptism, strengthened the sense of purpose and feelings for the people, transformed the learning results into specific actions to do practical things and solve problems for the masses, and stimulated the strong motivation of officers to start businesses. Solidly promote the education and training of Party members—— The education and training of Party members is the basic and regular work of Party building. Every year, a National Party member education and training demonstration class is held, which directly helps train more than 10000 village Party organization secretaries in border ethnic areas and old revolutionary base areas, and guides all regions to form a provincial demonstration training, municipal key training, county-level general training, and grassroots Party Committee training model; Every two years, the National Party member education TV film observation and exchange activities and the National Party member education and training textbook exhibition and exchange activities are held respectively. 772 high-quality Party member education TV films and 247 textbooks of 151 kinds are selected and launched, and training textbooks for secretaries of grass-roots party organizations are organized to be compiled, and TV films such as "meritorious deeds shine" and "36 laws of Meicun" are produced to promote the co construction and sharing of resources; For three consecutive years, we have deployed and carried out the activity of "the party lesson has begun" and jointly produced and broadcast three programs of "the party lesson has begun" with the Central Radio and television station, vividly interpreting the glorious history of the party, the great achievements of the party and the great spirit of Party building, and promoting the innovative theory of the party in the new era to fly into the homes of ordinary people; We should make good use of the "Communist Party member" education platform, build and manage nearly 700000 distance education terminal sites covering rural areas across the country, form a party member education platform matrix, and constantly enhance the ideological leadership, theoretical dissemination, and social influence of Party member education; …… Focusing on strengthening faith, strengthening party spirit and improving quality, the quality of education and training of Party members in the new era has been continuously improved, the system is becoming more and more perfect, and the effect is more remarkable. Give full play to the school role of Party branches in educating party members—— Party organizations at all levels have strengthened supervision and guidance, and the majority of Party branches are based on reality and give full play to the role of directly educating party members. Party branches are becoming schools to educate Party members: The Xinjiang production and Construction Corps has launched a TV column entitled "the party lesson is on" and carried out various activities such as delivering party lessons The Party branch implements the party lesson system, uses information-based means, deepens theoretical learning, and promotes the consolidation of the heart and soul. The majority of Party members build a solid foundation of faith, supplement the calcium of spirit, and stabilize the rudder of thought. Guide and encourage the majority of Party members to take on good deeds bravely Since the 19th CPC National Congress, Party organizations at all levels have focused on the basic work, basic systems and basic links, and made great efforts to implement the requirements of comprehensively and strictly administering the party to every branch and every Party member, so as to continuously enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of Party member management. Strengthen the effectiveness of organizing life meetings, heart to heart talks and other systems, combined with the democratic evaluation of Party members, and carry out the organizational disposal of unqualified party members in a safe and orderly manner; We will focus on the management of floating talents and Party members, and build a National Party member information database From tightening the party's organizational life to strengthening the management of weak links and key groups of Party members, Party organizations at all levels conscientiously implement the regulations on the education and management of Party members. The melting pot of tempering party spirit and stimulating vitality is becoming more and more prosperous, and the management of Party members is more standardized, orderly, accurate and effective. Combine strict management with love, and pay equal attention to incentives and constraints. For the first time, the party awarded the "July 1st Medal", the highest honor within the party, and the commemorative medal of "50 years of glory in the party", carried out the national "two excellent and one first" selection and commendation, and launched the national "civil servants satisfied by the people" and "civil servants collective satisfied by the people" selection and commendation... A series of meritorious and honorary commendation activities, giving full play to the incentive, inspiration, demonstration and leading role of advanced models. We will deploy and carry out the activity of "learning from examples around us", and produce and broadcast a special program of "examples" every year, which will be broadcast in the prime time of CCTV, so as to guide the majority of Party members to benchmark and think well of others. Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, 955.9 million yuan has been allocated for the central management of the Communist Party of China to pay visits to Party members, veteran party members and veteran cadres with difficulties during the new year's day and Spring Festival; At the centenary of the founding of the party, a total of 69.308 million yuan of party management fees were allocated to provide one-time living subsidies to veteran party members... We should pay close attention to the implementation of the measures of the Communist Party of China for inner party care and assistance, and give timely, warm and effective care and assistance to Party members. Political incentives, work support, treatment guarantee and psychological care make the majority of Party members and grass-roots cadres have obligations, responsibilities, contributions, rights, warmth and honor. Strive for a new era and a new journey. (outlook new era)

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