What does it mean for China Radio and television to join the 5g network


Recently, China Radio and Television launched 5g network services, which means that as the fourth largest telecom operator, China Radio and television officially provides network services to 5g users, competing with the other three major telecom operators on the same platform, bringing more vitality to the market. More importantly, it also marks a new breakthrough in the integration and development of the national cable TV network and the construction of radio and television 5g. China's Radio and television network has initially formed a new pattern of integrated development of "cable +5g". China Radio and television joined 5g network to promote market competition and promote 5g Network Co Construction and sharing. According to foreign experience, only threeorfour enterprises can ensure the competition and the rationality of investment in a healthy communication network. Three years ago, China Radio and television network Co., Ltd., the largest shareholder of China Radio and television, obtained the fourth 5g license issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology. The purpose is to promote competition and promote the construction and sharing of 5g networks. Since China Unicom and Chinatelecom announced to jointly build and share 5g network in September 2019, they have not only greatly reduced repeated investment and construction, but also achieved complementary advantages, and can quickly form 5g service capacity, improving network efficiency and asset operation efficiency. Since then, in January 2021, China Radio and television also chose to build and share 5g mobile network with China Mobile, which will enlarge the benefits of building and sharing again. Judging from the 5g tariff package of China Radio and television exposed by some media at present, the price has indeed decreased, which is in line with the original intention of promoting market competition. China Radio and television has joined the 5g network, bringing important spectrum resources. One of the major advantages of China Radio and television 5g network is its own 700 MHz frequency band resources, which is recognized as the "golden frequency band" in the industry. Compared with the frequency band resources of the other three major telecom operators, the 700 MHz frequency band has lower frequency, and has the advantages of low signal transmission loss, wide coverage, strong penetration and low networking cost. It is especially suitable for deploying the Internet of things with wide coverage, which is considered to be the field with the most potential killer application of 5g. At the same time, due to the late entry, new architecture and technology can be adopted. With the help of other telecom operators, radio and television 5g network can be said to have achieved high standard planning, efficient construction and high starting point network opening. More importantly, China Radio and television also has rich content, media and video resources. Its signal transmission, live broadcast and other scenes have inherent advantages over traditional telecom operators. It has also accumulated public praise in government and enterprises, and has great advantages in developing vertical industry markets. After the launch of China Radio and television 5g network service, we can give full play to the advantages of comprehensive transmission, accelerate the formation of new radio and television media communication network, national cultural network and national new infrastructure network, and provide personalized, differentiated and accurate services for political, civil, commercial and industrial purposes. Of course, it is not easy to pry the saturated mobile communication market. The three traditional telecom operators have been deeply involved in the communication market for many years, with huge user volume, capital, infrastructure and mature business model. The mobile communication business foundation of China Radio and television is weak and has missed the bonus period of mobile communication development. At the same time, the mobile network of China Radio and television is built and operated by China Mobile, which not only means that the "golden band" is not its exclusive advantage, but also means that its future price reduction space is limited. Moreover, the current mode of users watching videos and live broadcasts has changed, and the communication advantages of China Radio and television need to be innovated and strengthened. It can be predicted that the launch of 5g network service by China Radio and television will not only make the competition more intense, the industry more innovative, the market more expanded, but also bring more choices and experiences to consumers. The new competition mechanism will promote telecom operators to invest more energy in technology research and development, service efficiency, market expansion and other aspects, and expand the scale of China's 5g market, creating more opportunities for the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. (Xinhua News Agency)

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