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Guangdong has entered the peak of returning home before the Spring Festival, and the traffic police have accurately controlled and protected the security


"Hello, driver, please show your ID and register..." since the Spring Festival transportation started in 2022, the police of the white horse toll station of Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway and the traffic police brigade of Dongguan Nancheng branch have been on duty here every day. This is the only place where the shuttle bus from Nancheng bus station must pass. The traffic police department must check every bus to escort the safe travel of the masses. Escort the Spring Festival transportation, Guangdong Public Security Traffic Police Department is in action. At present, public security organs at all levels in Guangdong have fully launched the wartime working mechanism of the Spring Festival transportation to ensure that the road traffic safety situation remains stable. Since the launch of Spring Festival transportation security, Guangdong public security organs have invested 344000 police personnel, launched 75 Spring Festival transportation duty points, investigated and dealt with 560000 violations in the province, and the number of traffic accidents and deaths decreased by 39.05% and 34.52% respectively year-on-year. key word High level deployment Comprehensively launch the wartime working mechanism of Spring Festival Transportation As a big province for migrant workers, the annual Spring Festival transportation is a big test for Guangdong. According to the high-level deployment of the provincial public security department, the work plan was issued one month in advance, and the traffic security work of the Spring Festival transportation was started 10 days in advance on January 7. One large screen can view the road network of the whole province, directly connected to the traffic police command centers of 21 prefectures and cities, and can be dispatched in real time in case of emergency... Entering the command center of the traffic administration bureau of the provincial public security department, a sense of science and technology came to my face. In order to further strengthen the command and dispatching, the provincial public security department has specially set up the Spring Festival transportation headquarters. The commander in chief regularly enters the command center for dispatching, implements the research and judgment, dispatching and summary every day, and dynamically adjusts the service deployment according to the uncertain factors such as epidemic prevention policy and weather. In order to ensure a "game of chess" in the whole province, the provincial public security department also organized and established corresponding working groups. "During the Spring Festival transportation, we set up six steering groups to be responsible for regional supervision, organized four inspection groups to carry out continuous inspection throughout the whole process, and sent four additional inspection groups to inspect key sections during the peak period." The relevant person in charge of the Traffic Management Bureau of the provincial public security department said. Local public security organs strictly implement the "five ones" working mechanism, such as reporting to the main person in charge of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government for inspection and supervision at least once and the special research of the Party committee of the Municipal Bureau once. At present, the public security directors of 21 prefectures and cities in the province have led the establishment of Spring Festival transportation security leading groups, and the traffic police detachment of 21 prefectures and cities has led the formulation of security work plans. Guangzhou, Shaoguan, Jiangmen and Huizhou took the lead in coordinating the public security organs in the Pearl River Delta, northern Guangdong, western Guangdong and eastern Guangdong to carry out joint logistics and smooth traffic. At present, public security organs at all levels in Guangdong have fully launched the wartime working mechanism of the Spring Festival transportation, and launched level-1 service at important nodes, and maintained level-2 or above service throughout the Spring Festival transportation, so as to ensure the implementation of various measures. key word Accurate research and judgment Complete the hidden danger treatment of people, vehicles, roads and enterprises in advance During the Spring Festival transportation, the flow of people and vehicles is highly dense. Only by identifying the key points can we achieve accurate control and eliminate potential safety hazards in advance. In order to achieve the above objectives, Guangdong traffic police have carried out a lot of analysis, research and judgment. "According to the research and judgment results, during the Spring Festival transportation this year, our province will present four risk points affecting traffic safety, such as the continuous high-level operation of traffic flow, the prominent tide phenomenon of high-speed traffic flow in peak period, the increase of vehicles in rural areas, and the uncertainty of traffic flow in peak period." The relevant person in charge of the Traffic Management Bureau of the provincial public security department said that in addition, it is also facing challenges such as the bad weather of "La Nina", the scattered and frequent outbreak of the epidemic, and the increase of carpooling and chartering. Everything is done in advance. Before the opening of the Spring Festival transportation curtain, the provincial public security traffic management department carried out key treatment for five types of road traffic safety hidden dangers of "people, vehicles, roads, enterprises and rescue". "The recent violations of drivers under your company's name are as follows. Please strictly implement the main responsibility of the enterprise!" Before the Spring Festival transportation this year, the transportation enterprises and key rural passenger transport units of "two passengers, one danger and one heavy" in the province received a report on "enterprise portrait" provided by Guangdong traffic police. At present, Guangdong traffic police have carried out "enterprise portrait" for 553 passenger transport enterprises in the province to urge the implementation of the main responsibility for enterprise safety and eliminate hidden dangers "before going on the road". For key vehicles and key enterprises, the Guangdong traffic police sorted out and investigated in advance. At present, the "three ones" warning education has been implemented one by one for 1194 "business to non business" buses and 1861 passenger cars with more than 7 seats suspected of illegal operation, and it is strictly prohibited to engage in illegal operation activities of carpooling and chartering. Guangdong traffic police also cooperated with relevant departments to complete the governance of 218 provincial, city and county-level high-risk road sections. Local public security and traffic police departments have made a lot of preparations in advance according to local conditions: in northern Guangdong, local traffic police departments focus on strengthening the early warning and disposal of severe weather such as rain, snow and freezing; In Zhaoqing, Yunfu and other places, the local traffic police department did a good job in dealing with the possible peak traffic flow out of the province... At the same time, the traffic police department also made an emergency plan in advance for the traffic control and other situations that may be caused by the sudden epidemic, so as to ensure that the epidemic prevention inspection can be carried out quickly. In terms of publicity services, Guangdong traffic police carried out five waves of targeted special publicity around the start-up day of the Spring Festival, the departure peak before the festival, the return peak after the festival and the Lantern Festival. The traffic control bureau of the provincial public security department also required the 110 telephone and online alarm service desks of public security organs at all levels to operate at full capacity and provide help to the masses at the first time. key word Strict management and control The province launched a unified action to investigate and deal with serious violations of the law With the arrival of the new year, the flow of people and vehicles on the streets of Shenzhen is becoming less and less, especially at night. Individual car owners "step on the accelerator" and the phenomenon of speeding has increased. Shenzhen traffic police deployed and carried out traffic law enforcement actions to strictly investigate key illegal acts... In the Spring Festival transportation, the law enforcement efforts of local public security and traffic police departments increased instead of decreased. The relevant person in charge of the Traffic Management Bureau of the provincial public security department said that in terms of road control, the province relies on "five stations, one area and two points" such as traffic police law enforcement stations, public security checkpoints, overload control stations, toll stations, persuasion stations, service areas, spring Festival transportation duty service points and temporary duty points to strictly control the "five passes" such as going out of the city, out of the village, on the expressway, up the mountain and out of the province; Set up a multi police emergency reinforcement team to focus on supporting weak rural areas; Three special actions were carried out step by step, including night inspection of drunk driving, rectification of carpooling and chartering, and rectification of motorcycles and electric bicycles, so as to resolutely eliminate the risk of illegal accidents. In terms of unblocking and ensuring smooth traffic, the Traffic Management Bureau of the provincial public security department deployed to implement the "4 + 9" regional joint service guarantee mechanism in the whole province, and the "one-way tripartite" collaborative working mechanism of public security, transportation and expressway owners in traditional congested sections such as interchanges, bridges and tunnels. "We are equipped with front-end police force according to the 'one blocking point and one scheme', and we will dredge before blocking, and dredge before small blocking, so as to form a joint force of regional dredging and blocking." The relevant person in charge of the Traffic Management Bureau of the provincial public security department said. In addition, local traffic police departments have also made adequate plans for possible epidemic tests. In January 13th, 1 cases of COVID-19 nucleic acid positive were found in Tanzhou town of Zhongshan. The Zhongshan traffic police immediately launched the first class duty in the city, and from the same day at 9 o'clock, all the roads in and out of Tanzhou town were carried out epidemic prevention traffic control and control. A total of 37 control points were set up to carry out 24 hours of duty, and timely diversion was conducted to guide the vehicles in the enclosed area. There are no long-distance traffic jams. The relevant person in charge of the Traffic Management Bureau of the provincial public security department said that in the next step, the Guangdong traffic police will further improve the station position in strict accordance with the deployment requirements of the superior, strictly, carefully and practically organize all localities to grasp various security measures, effectively play the first chess and take the initiative, so as to create a good traffic environment for the safe and smooth travel of the masses. Front line visit Traffic police on the road strictly enforce the law Make emergency plans for bad weather Dongguan is known as the "factory of the world". A large number of migrant workers leave here to return home every Spring Festival. Thus, it has become one of the largest departure places for Spring Festival tourists in the Pearl River Delta. At the Baima toll station of Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway, LV Wenguang, a policeman of Nancheng brigade of Dongguan traffic police, and his colleagues stuck to the duty point and carried out routine inspection on each bus. "It mainly depends on whether the vehicle is overloaded, whether the driver and vehicle operation certificates are complete, and whether the drivers and passengers use safety belts as required to ensure driving safety." LV Wenguang said. The traffic is generally orderly, but there are "episodes" from time to time. One morning, a bus bound for Sichuan "slipped away". It turned out that at more than 9:00 that day, because the driver was not familiar with the road conditions and did not pay attention to the instructions of the traffic police, he drove directly past the duty point. LV Wenguang immediately contacted the company to which the vehicle belongs and reported the situation. "Comrade police, the driver took this line for the first time. We will immediately inform him to turn around and come back for inspection." Another driver on the scene quickly explained the situation. After the bus returned, LV Wenguang got on the bus and released it after confirming that everything was normal. "Judging from the recent inspection, the overload of buses has been relatively rare. On the one hand, the safety awareness of drivers is constantly improving; on the other hand, through our strict law enforcement, drivers and enterprises also understand the serious consequences of doing so." LV Wenguang said. In Shaoguan, northern Guangdong, severe weather such as rain, snow and freezing is an important factor affecting traffic safety. Shaoguan traffic police deployed 50 police on duty at the duty point in northern Guangdong and carried out 24-hour rotation in 5 shifts. According to song Weiping, captain of the first and third brigades of Shaoguan traffic police expressway, on December 26 last year, affected by the cold wave, the road temperature in the north section of Beijing Zhuhai North Expressway and Leshan Guangzhou Expressway plummeted. Shaoguan traffic police immediately launched an anti ice and snow early warning response to ensure the overall stability of road traffic order. Since the launch of the Spring Festival transportation security work, in view of the ice and snow bad weather, the first and third brigades of Shaoguan traffic police expressway have launched the bad weather early warning and disposal platform to dynamically monitor and give real-time early warning of rain, fog and freezing weather. At the same time, a joint disposal mechanism has been established, and relevant departments have made emergency plans and multi department joint exercises in advance, and have cooperated with the traffic police, road administration Rescue and other departments further straightened out the linkage working mechanism, effectively handled many rain, fog and cold wave warnings since the beginning of winter, and effectively reduced the traffic impact of bad weather. (Xinhua News Agency)

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