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Vigorous spirit -- New Year's greetings from Macao


The golden red and dazzling market is jubilant, and the flower market is full of people... The lunar year of the tiger is coming, and the streets and alleys of Macao have become lively. People begin to buy new year flowers and prepare new year goods once a year to welcome the new year of "tiger and tiger". Visiting the flower market is a traditional custom spread in Macao for many years, which places Macao people's good expectations for leaving the old and welcoming the new, and taking good luck. The golden orange symbolizing "good luck", "bamboo for peace" and "golden fruit for five generations"... Macao people choose flowers and trees symbolizing good omens to dress up for the new year. Macao has also prepared various celebrations in advance. Before the winter vacation, the kindergarten affiliated to the International Department of Macao Education Middle School held unique New Year customs activities. The children wore all kinds of Tang costumes and staged wonderful fashion shows on the "T-stage" full of holiday decorations in turn. Later, they performed dragon and lion dances, and personally made festival food dumplings to feel the traditional Chinese culture and strong flavor of the new year. At the Lunar New Year's Eve market held in Tashi square, Liang Kaiying and Wang Lijie, students of Macao Institute of tourism, became "stall owners" selling tiger dolls, key chains and other cultural and creative products. "What we sell are all our own cultural and creative works. It is also an unforgettable memory of the Spring Festival to experience tourism through setting up stalls." Liang Kaiying said that he expected the year of the tiger epidemic to pass quickly and Macao to revive its prosperity. In order to welcome the new year, the Urban Services Department opened the Spring Festival market at Tashi square from January 25 (December 23) to February 1 (New Year's day). There were 20 stalls selling New Year gifts, 6 stalls selling New Year flowers and 4 stalls selling snacks. The reporter saw at the scene that the students arranged the market with their own ingenuity. Stalls such as "Hu Shan line", "Hu Hu Sheng meow" and "old lion tiger" provide delicious snacks, interesting games and cultural and creative new year goods for tourists to eat and play. In order to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention, people should scan the site code before entering the market to ensure "green access". Citizen Mr. Wang bought a tiger doll at the Lunar New Year market. He said that the Macao SAR government is very effective in epidemic prevention and control, and can rest assured to come out and play in the new year. Li Xi, executive vice president of the school of international tourism and management of City University of Macao, said that in the case of epidemic risk in surrounding areas, it has become a trend to celebrate the new year on the spot. Good leisure and recreation atmosphere and creative high-quality activities have enhanced the Consumption Willingness of local residents. On the occasion of the reunion festival, the "city of delicious food" Macao also needs delicious food. Macao has the custom of eating potted vegetables, which means "the bowl is full and the bowl is full for the fat year". In the red market, which is very popular with Macao people, many citizens come to the vegetable market to buy ingredients such as goose feet, turnips, abalone and Nostoc flagelliforme. Many restaurants also launch pot dish takeout reservations to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new year with pots of pot dishes. Their blessings are in the kind-hearted New Year food. At nightfall, lanterns decorate the town red and bright. The Municipal Services Department has placed lighting with a lunar New Year atmosphere in 60 places such as Macao's main streets, squares and parks. The lighting layout has the theme of "tiger's vitality welcomes the new year", attracting many families to watch. In addition, the Urban Services Department has also erected Zodiac sculptures in Youhan Park, taichai waterfront rest area, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao port (Macao), shipaiwan country park and other places. The tiger sculpture of the Chinese zodiac, about 3 meters high, is majestic, dressed in traditional Chinese New Year costumes, holding a spring festival couplet with "what you want" and stepping on an Hydrangea with auspicious and festive meanings. Some Macao people said with a smile, "I hope the tiger door god will scare away the epidemic as soon as he gets angry". The Tourism Administration of the Macao SAR government said that in 2022, the SAR government will continue to make every effort to "expand the source of tourists, stabilize the economy and ensure employment", and will hold a series of large-scale new year activities such as fireworks performances and float parade in the lunar new year, implying that the vitality and momentum of tigers will boost Macao's economy; At the same time, the extension of the light and Film Festival and the continuation of the "food, housing and tourism for Australians" project will drive the recovery of tourism and provide more employment opportunities. "This shows that the Macao SAR government has the confidence and ability to hold New Year celebrations on the basis of good epidemic prevention, make every effort to build the confidence of safe and suitable tourist destinations, let the Macao people have a good year, and also release a positive signal for the tourism market in the new year." Li Xi said. (Xinhua News Agency)

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