Shen Kun have a brilliant future for social organizations one belt, one road.


Social organizations are an important force in the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Have a brilliant future in one belt, one road and one road. Combined with work practice, talk about some understanding. First, efforts should be made to strengthen contacts and communication with non-governmental organizations in countries and regions along the line. Social organizations are important platforms for economic and cultural exchanges between countries, between countries and regions, and between regions and regions. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of China's opening to the outside world, China's social organizations have played an increasingly important role in opening up and exchanges. For example, how can the government support and guide social organizations to go global and strengthen contacts with social organizations in countries and regions along the line. For example, how can social organizations strengthen their awareness of openness, initiative and creativity. Another example: how to establish a scientific and effective contact and cooperation mechanism to ensure effective communication and work promotion needs to be carefully studied and summarized. Second, actively explore one way and means for one's one belt, one road construction. One belt, one road is to win the consultative status of the UN Economic and Social Council and participate in the "one belt and one road" construction through participation in relevant activities of the United Nations system. Two, one belt, one road, one country, one area and one area, will be launched in cooperation with international public welfare organizations. Three, one belt, one road, and other government assistance projects should be actively involved in the government. Fourth, provide market information for enterprises and help connect the resources of local governments, organizations and enterprises; Fifth, as a chamber of Commerce and Industry Association, it plays its unique advantages and role in the process of "going out, please come in". Third, pay attention to the special role of international non-governmental trade cooperation networks. The establishment of an international non-governmental trade cooperation network platform is conducive to promoting the integration of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and the Internet of things with modern manufacturing, promoting the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial Internet and Internet finance, and guiding Internet enterprises to expand the international market. We should give full play to the resources and technological advantages of social organizations and build a multi-level and composite network information cooperation platform with the two major sectors of economy and trade as the main content. It will show the market potential and cooperation projects in the region, and introduce the advanced technologies and characteristic products of various countries. China can promote China's featured one to the "one belt, one road" along the border and to introduce the quality products from the countries and regions along the way to China. Good technical projects can be introduced into China, or our enterprises can be brought out to invest and develop abroad. Fourth, build a normalized information exchange platform. International non-governmental cooperation conferences and exhibitions have increasingly become an important form of exchanges and contacts among countries all over the world. Social organizations can play a comprehensive coordination function, promote normalized International Conference and exhibition activities according to the unique economic and cultural resources of different regions, and intuitively promote exchanges and cooperation among governments, organizations and enterprises. This is an effective means of connecting the people. Through face-to-face exchanges, expand understanding, increase trust, strengthen cooperation and strive for a win-win situation; Relevant discussions and interactions will also bring new ideas, new products and new technologies, which will catalyze and enlighten the development of the industry and its advantages, promote exchanges and mutual trust, promote the implementation of projects, and form a virtuous circle. The participation of social one in the construction of one belt, one road is a systematic project, which requires three aspects of enthusiasm from the government, social organizations and enterprises. We should also strengthen contacts with social organizations in countries and regions along the line, establish mechanisms and strengthen communication. Especially through the carrier of the project to promote the development of cooperation, the prospect is very broad. (outlook new era)

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