Chinese ambassador to Italy Li Junhua talks about China Italy relations: win-win cooperation is the constant theme


On January 27, the official media of the Communist Party of China (Italy) "revolutionary network" published an exclusive interview with Chinese ambassador to Italy Li Junhua. Li Junhua said that the ancient silk road connects the East and the West and promotes mutual understanding and friendly exchanges. The "one belt, one road" initiative is committed to the spirit of Silk Road, and advocates peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual learning and mutual benefit. It is also a way to build a new era of cooperation and friendship. "A prominent feature of the long-term exchanges between the Chinese and Italian peoples is that they respect and appreciate each other's cultures and seek and uphold the common values of equality, diversity and inclusiveness." When talking about the cultural cooperation between the two countries, Li Junhua stressed that the two countries established a Sino Italian cultural cooperation mechanism in 2016 to promote the interaction and exchange between professional institutions and personnel, and carried out multi-level and diversified practical cooperation in the fields of performing arts, visual arts, heritage protection, tourism development, creative design and so on. Many Italian institutions have joined the Silk Road theater, art festival, art museum, museum and library alliance led by China. This year, the two sides will restart the Sino Italian year of culture and tourism and jointly promote new breakthroughs in Museum exhibition exchanges, world heritage pairing and digital resource sharing. Culture is the common wealth of the two countries and civilization is the common pride of the two countries. We look forward to comprehensively deepening people to people and cultural exchanges between the two countries. Diversity is not only the charm of the world, but also the characteristics of the world. Li Junhua believes that it is natural and inevitable for countries to choose different development paths, and it is also an important embodiment of the democratization of international relations. For more than 40 years, China has adhered to reform and opening up, deeply integrated into the process of economic globalization, and made significant contributions to promoting global common development. However, some countries ignore the truth and right and wrong, and use the "hegemony of public opinion" to wantonly attack and discredit China and spread false information related to China. Li Junhua said: "there are many foreign friends who uphold conscience and justice, listen to China's real voice and promote friendly cooperation with China. It is not an easy process to understand and spread the truth, but I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, more and more people will understand the real China and give a fair voice to China." When talking about China Italy relations, Li Junhua stressed that China Italy relations have experienced changes in more than half a century, and mutual respect, inclusiveness, mutual learning and win-win cooperation are the constant theme. "We regard Italy as a good friend and partner in Europe. As the world enters a period of accelerated turbulence and change, China Italy relations naturally face new opportunities and challenges. There is no fundamental contradiction or geographical conflict between China and Italy. On the contrary, the two countries jointly safeguard multilateralism, seek people-oriented and promote common prosperity." In 2021, the bilateral trade volume between China and Italy bucked the trend and reached a new high of US $73.95 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 34.1%, of which Italy's exports to China increased by 36.3%. Li Junhua said that this shows once again that the essence of China Italy cooperation is mutual benefit and win-win results, and is to create more tangible benefits for the two peoples. Cooperation is the common aspiration of the two peoples and is in line with the fundamental interests of the two countries. We are willing to agree to work together with all walks of life to continue close communication, deepen practical cooperation and jointly promote the stability and long-term development of bilateral relations. Li Junhua said that he has been in Italy for nearly three years and has increasingly felt that Italy is a country integrating ancient and modern, tradition and innovation. It is not only an outstanding representative of Western civilization, pregnant with the Renaissance, but also has a high-end manufacturing system and strong innovation power. Italy also has unique geographical advantages. It has close exchanges with Africa and Asia. It is an important gateway to the south of the EU and an important intersection of the land and Maritime Silk Road. He believed that as a founding member of the EU and one of the influential powers, Italy will continue to play an important role in Europe and the world. The preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics have been advancing steadily and efficiently, including rigorous and scientific epidemic prevention and control measures. Li Junhua said that China is full of confidence in hosting a simple, safe and wonderful winter Olympic Games. In order to better deal with the threat of Omicron and other variants of viruses, BOCOG, the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee have successively issued two versions of the epidemic prevention manual, and formulated epidemic prevention guidelines for all stakeholders. These measures not only reflect the latest scientific research achievements of epidemic prevention at home and abroad, but also learn from the experience of many large-scale international sports events, and have passed the actual test of a series of international test competitions and training weeks. These measures will protect the health and safety of athletes and all stakeholders to the greatest extent and ensure the safe and timely holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Athletes and people from all walks of life from many countries, including Italy, the International Olympic Committee, who and other international institutions have expressed their support and expectations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. (outlook new era)

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