Will using VR products hurt your eyes?


Recently, Zhongshan eye center of Sun Yat sen University released the first visual health team Standard in the field of virtual reality in China. Virtual reality (VR) has been applied in many fields. Is it harmful to visual health when using these VR products? How to identify the visual health risk criteria for these products? With the release of the standard, these questions have answers. Recently, led by Professor Yuan Jin of Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center of Sun Yat sen University, Sun Yat Sen Ophthalmic Center of Sun Yat sen University, China Institute for food and drug control, Sun Yat sen University, China Institute of electronic technology standardization, Suzhou Institute of biomedical engineering technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutions, Issued the world's first virtual reality group standard "virtual reality product visual health impact assessment method", which provides an assessment and risk level assessment method for the impact of virtual reality technology on visual health. Among the factors affecting visual quality, the physical photoelectric technical parameters of virtual reality are closely related to visual quality, including screen resolution, delay, screen brightness, refresh rate, multi focus display and so on. Professor Yuan Jin introduced that the visual health evaluation method and risk level evaluation of VR products have been formed in the screening of optical indicators from eye vision to visual center. Labeling VR products with the label of "visual health" will help to standardize the development of the industry. With the release of the first team standard, Dawan District display product visual health inspection center will apply this standard and specification to establish an evaluation system for the visual health of VR products. In the future, it will also develop research and evaluation models. Enterprises can evaluate the application of VR products with low, medium and high visual health damage risk by inputting relevant optical and other index parameters, Help improve the visual health development of VR product industry. "We mainly use ophthalmic optometry and EEG indicators generated by the visual center to formulate the first team standard, detect the impact of virtual reality technology on visual quality, and evaluate how to improve the visual health of VR products through the adjustment of photoelectric technical parameters in the future." According to Yuan Jin, the first team standard includes six major parts and three appendices. The main indicators, such as the normal value of tear film rupture time greater than 10 seconds and the normal range of subjective visual fatigue less than level 3, evaluate VR products, "For example, watching a movie with VR glasses, comparing the input parameters before and after, and whether these visual indicators and EEG indicators have changed 30 minutes ago and 30 minutes after use, so as to judge whether there is a risk of damage to visual health." (outlook new era)

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