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Next, we will make good use of the professional open platform of the Digital Trade Fair to further connect with high standard international economic and trade rules, work with all parties to build a global digital governance system, cultivate new drivers of digital trade development, enhance the resilience of the global digital industry chain and supply chain, promote high-quality and sustainable development of the global digital economy, and contribute China's strength to the recovery of the world economy. Share the development opportunities and dividends of the digital economy. Currently, global digital trade is flourishing and has become a new highlight of international trade. President Rousseff of the New Development Bank said that China has made remarkable achievements in enabling high-quality development of the digital economy. The second Global Digital Trade Expo will show the corresponding products and solutions of the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, and show the development potential of digital trade, digital finance and other fields. He believed that this session of the Digital Trade Fair will make new contributions to world economic growth. Finland is one of the guest countries of this year's Data Trade Fair, and Finnish enterprises focus on showcasing products related to industrial digitization. Finnish Ambassador to China Meng Lan stated that digital trade plays an important role in bilateral trade cooperation, and China's vast digital industrial system provides broad opportunities for Finland to develop related new products, technologies, and services. In recent years, digital trade in Zhejiang Province has continued to grow rapidly. Among the four areas of the Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone, the Hangzhou area is particularly prominent in digital trade. Chen Weijing, the full-time deputy director of the Hangzhou Area Management Committee of the China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone, said that Hangzhou will leverage the synergistic effect of the "Digital Trade Fair+Pilot Free Trade Zone", actively practice institutional opening up, and initiate

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"Finance+Culture" opens up new opportunities for the digital creative industry in the Greater Bay Area

Digital information technology is reshaping the production and lifestyle of human society. You can watch a concert on a mobile phone without leaving your home; You don't have to queue up, you can also immerse yourself in the online museum's treasure appreciation activities. In addition to providing new ways for traditional cultural and tourism industries, digital technology also allows more industries to cross industry and form CP. The Outline of Guangdong's 14th Five Year Plan clearly proposes to build a digital creative industry cluster. Taking the Pearl River Delta region as the core, radiating and driving the promotion and application of new technologies such as 5G, AI, big data, VR/AR, etc., vigorously promoting the deep application, consolidating and improving advantageous industries such as gaming, animation, and design services, accelerating the development of new formats such as esports, live streaming, and short video, and cultivating a group of globally competitive digital creative leading enterprises and boutique IPs. Industry insiders point out that if promoted according to the planning outline, there is huge room for imagination in the digital creative industry of Guangdong Province. On the one hand, it will lead the development of new cultural supply and formats, and promote new cultural consumption; On the other hand, through production chain integration, hypermedia storytelling, and IP operations, massive content can be effectively disseminated, resulting in enormous economic benefits. To turn planning from a blueprint into reality, the power of finance cannot be lacking. In order to implement the spirit of the National Conference on Propaganda, Ideology and Cultural Work and the Central Financial Work Conference, and to implement the deployment of the Provincial Conference on Propaganda, Ideology and Cultural Work, the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China Guangdong Provincial Committee, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangdong Province, and the Radio and Television Bureau of Guangdong Province serve as guiding units, while the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China Guangzhou Municipal Committee, the Guangzhou Development Zone Management Committee, and the Guangdong Station of the Central Radio and Television Station serve as supporting units, Jointly organized by China Cultural Industry Investment Master Fund Management Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Guangdong Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Association, Southern Finance All Media Group, Guangdong Zhongke Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Investment Management Co., Ltd., Southern Cultural Property Exchange, Guangzhou Urban Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., Huangpu Culture (Guangzhou) Development Group Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Cultural and Creative Industry Development Foundation The 2023 Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area Cultural Industry Investment Conference (Guangdong · Guangzhou), co organized by the Macao Federation of Cultural Circles and other organizations, will be held in Guangzhou from November 28th to 29th. This conference has gathered the theme of "Cultural Bay Area, Digital Intelligence Empowerment", focusing on the hot investment field of cultural industry. It has set up financing projects promotion activities for three major industries: generative artificial intelligence, metaverse, and digital creativity. A group of nationally renowned investment institutions have been gathered, and numerous key projects of cultural enterprises in the Greater Bay Area have been solicited. A high-level investment special docking meeting has been set up, striving to open up a "culture+finance" high-speed channel, Connect the last mile between cultural industry projects and investment and financing. A first-class bay area requires a first-class digital creative industry. The digital creative industry is a new economic form that integrates digital technology and creative industries, with creative content as the core and digital technology as the support, for innovation, production, application, and service. The 13th Five Year Plan for the Development of National Strategic Emerging Industries includes the digital creative industry for the first time in the national strategic emerging industry development plan, and has become one of the five new pillars alongside the new generation of information technology, biology, high-end manufacturing, and green and low-carbon industries. In fact, developed numbers

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The release of the results of the 11th Science and Technology Expo attracted attention with five highlights

On November 24th, the 11th China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City International Science and Technology Expo, hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, was held in Mianyang. This year's Science and Technology Expo has a distinct theme, rich content, diverse highlights, and fruitful results. The five major highlights attract attention. Focusing on the forefront of technology, cutting-edge products are showcased in a concentrated manner. This year's Science and Technology Expo has three indoor exhibition halls and one outdoor exhibition hall, covering a total area of 40000 square meters. More than 30 research institutes, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Physics, as well as more than 10 universities such as Tsinghua and Peking University, 22 large multinational enterprises such as Tesla in the United States and Siemens in Germany, and more than 150 well-known domestic high-tech enterprises such as Huawei, Baidu, and 360, participated in the exhibition with more than 3000 "high-precision and cutting-edge" exhibits. Focusing on gathering resources, significant achievements have been made in attracting investment and intelligence. This year's Science and Technology Expo is committed to building a pragmatic and efficient platform for economic and trade negotiations, exchanges and cooperation for all parties. We held an investment promotion and centralized signing ceremony, attracting more than 220 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, business associations, financial institutions, and universities to attend. Mianyang, Luzhou, Deyang, Guangyuan and other cities (prefectures) provided investment promotion, and 7 cities (prefectures) signed on-site contracts for investment promotion projects. We also signed 6 technology cooperation agreements and 101 industrial projects with a total amount of 10.489 billion yuan. Holding a series of "Science and Technology City Talent Day" activities, focusing on cashing out 152 million yuan of various talent funds, releasing a talent equity investment fund with a scale of 300 million yuan, and signing 15 talent project cooperation agreements. The Mianyang Municipal Government and Shanghai Jiao Tong University have signed a campus cooperation agreement. Focusing on innovation hotspots, the forum activities are exciting and diverse. Focusing on promoting hot issues such as achievement transformation and collaborative innovation, various science and technology forum activities and exchange activities were carried out, including 4 national level activities and 7 provincial level activities. The number of national and provincial heavyweight activities has increased significantly compared to previous years. Holding the Sichuan Chongqing Science and Technology Forum, disruptive technology industry leaders focused on exploring the latest technological frontiers and future industrial development paths in areas such as future new energy, future life sciences, future information and communication, and future advanced materials. The Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Jiusan Society signed a science and technology cooperation agreement with the Mianyang Municipal Government. Focusing on fields such as laser, nuclear medicine, intelligent manufacturing, and technology finance, we have held multiple forum activities, including the Second China Laser Technology Innovation Industry Conference, the Eighth China Innovation Challenge Mianyang Technology Integration Special Competition, the "Overseas Intelligent Elite Science and Technology Expo" High end Medical Equipment Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Development Summit, the Tianfu Science and Technology Finance Investment and Financing Summit, and the First Sichuan Chongqing Science Popularization Conference. Deepen international cooperation and further elevate opening-up to the outside world. This year's Science and Technology Expo insists on holding exhibitions with a global and international perspective, closely serving the overall diplomatic situation of the country. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Indonesia, Indonesia is invited as the guest of honor. Indonesian Minister of Health Budi leads a delegation to observe and visit the exhibition. Establish a guest exhibition area in Indonesia to showcase Indonesia's advanced technological achievements in finance, electronic information, green energy, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, as well as cooperation with China. Holding the "Indonesia Commodity Week", industrial cooperation docking meeting, traditional medicine culture and technology exchange, and the Thousand Island Country Indonesia Natural and Cultural Theme Photography Exhibition, traditional medicine was included in the foreign exchange activities of the Science and Technology Expo for the first time. The Science and Technology Expo has become the main event in Mianyang


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